About Us


Decades of expertise making innovative AI solutions


Deep experience making proprietary web and phone based solutions


We offer a simple path for using up to the minute generative AI solutions


Proprietary Generative AI

  • Proof of Concept (POC) in a month
    • Extract embedded knowledge from your data
    • Apply language model abstraction with langchain
    • Explore how generated AI can transform your business goals
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 3 months
    • UX on Mobile or Web
    • Persistant knowledge
    • Usable prototype

Generative AI with Vector Database from your data

  • Giving clients access to the best technology for accessing knowledge they care about
  • We make Chat systems continually updated with your propriety  data
  • We can import data from your internal data repositories
  • We let your data work with  the world’s LLM aggregated knowledge
  • Saves time, provides a more thorough and detailed analysis of the market

Imagery, Text and Video in Responses

  • We can also incorporate imagery and videos in responses.
  • Imagery and videos in responses increase engagement and conversions and sales.
    • Eyeview Digital: using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.
    • MDG Advertising found that adding images to social media posts can increase engagement by 94%.

Our Team

Dr. Ted Selker


IBM fellow, Professor at MIT Media lab, Stanford, and CMU, futurist and expert on Human-Computer Interaction.

Shama Hoque, MS CS

Managing Director

A multi-faceted software professional with leadership roles across Techdojo Limited and Alphy. Lecturer and author of Full-Stack React.

Yunzi Wu, MBA

Product Marketing Manager

Leadership roles in project management, digital marketing, consumer research, business development and brand strategy.


Lifestyle-Driven Car Purchasing

AI driven car purchasing site, powered by data from a Toyota dealer’s inventory


Imagery choices predict cars to consider

Users search for and find their dream car based on factors such as efficiency, budget, and personal taste.